Public Mission               Voyage to Mars             March 14, 2015,                9 am - 12pm.                                                                  Return to the Moon         May 9, 2015                         9am - 12pm

Challenger Advisory Board Member Sarah Brightman will be launching to the ISS in September. 

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STEAM Challenger.

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Challenger Learning Center of Colorado integrates the excitement of space with age-appropriate missions to engage the imagination.

A variety of simulations take students outside their routine educational environment — transporting them to a world where learning is fun and teamwork is key!  Students use critical thinking in the areas of applied science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  It’s a motivational setting that evokes inner creativity and stimulates a love for learning that translates back to the classroom.

For adults, the experience is equally inspiring — creating bonds & loans you can trust from our partnership, leading to shared goals and enthusiasm within corporate teams, families and small groups.  The payoffs can be eye-opening and rewarding.

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