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e-Planetarium Stellar Portal


The CLCC Stellar Portal is an out-of-this-world astronomy experience! The inflatable, portable planetarium enables participants to experience the night sky no matter what the weather or the time of day. Constellations, moon phases, planets, seasons, and deep sky objects can be observed in the Stellar Portal.  All programs are aligned with national and Colorado State education standards.  Choose from our any of our 30-minute program topics below. Let us bring the stars to you!

Night Sky -- (all ages)

Explore the night sky, planets, stars, and the Milky Way; hear legends of constellations. 

It's All About Time -- (Grades K-5)

Learn about day, night, seasons, Moon phases and constellations.

Rings of Saturn -- (Grades 6-8)

Investigate exploratory spacecraft, planet surface contour maps Saturn's rings and moons.

Ice Worlds 2 -- (Grades 3-12)

Learn about seasons and ice ages on Earth, global climate change, and the icy bodies of our solar system.

The Body Code -- (Grades 3-12)

Fly through the systems of the human body and fight disease from the inside

Force Five -- (Grades 3-12)

Experience the extreme power of a category 5 hurricane, F-5 tornado, and a massive solar storm.


Living In Space

How can humans work and survive in space?  What about muscle atrophy, the effects of microgravity, astronaut hygiene, food and eating in space?  How does an EVA/Moon suit work?

Pioneer, Gemini, and Voyager I, II, III

Flight Directors bring station-based discoveries about day and night, the Sun, Moon, and stars, Earth science, forces and machines, and comets and asteroids to your classroom.


Magic Planet

Our interactive globe captivates students and increases comprehension across a wide array of curriculum.

Moonbase Crisis

A 5th grade program where teachers prepare their students with 9 classroom-based lessons along with a post-mission activity conducted by a CLCC Flight Director. In this program, students will build a Moonbase while utilizing numerous K-5 Colorado state standards.

Moonbase Crisis book 

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