OnSite Missions


The Challenger Learning Center of Colorado serves a broad variety of audiences at our Northeast Colorado Springs facility:

If you have questions or want to reserve your spot in our launch schedule, please contact our registrar

Listed by program and grade level, here are the options for live, interactive programs at CLCC:

Return to the Moon -- Grade 4 to adult

The year is 2025. For the first time since the last Apollo mission in 1972, humanity returns to the Moon to establish a permanent lunar base to make lunar observations, study the feasibility for developing a self-sustaining off-planet settlement, and create a stepping stone for human planetary exploration.

Rendezvous with a Comet -- Grade 6 to adult

Participants become a team of scientists and engineers acting as astronauts and mission controllers on a daring exploration of comets. Their goal is to plot a rendezvous course with a comet, launch a probe and collect scientific data. What first appears to be a routine mission comes with surprises and emergencies.

Voyage to Mars -- Grade 8 to adult

In the year 2076 the latest human crew enters Martian orbit, arriving from Earth on the Mars Transport Vehicle. The new crew is specially trained to replace the existing crew of astronauts as they continue their scientific explorations while overcoming emergencies and environmental variables.

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