We offer birthday parties on select Saturdays - the party includes the following:

  • * Birthday child plus 7 to 13 guests (all must be over 10 years old)
  • * Space “mission” for the group, conducted in our Transporter and Space Station simulators
  • * Use of our “Briefing Room” for cake and gifts
  • * Personalized Shuttle sheet cake (choice of white, chocolate or marbled), decorated in a space
  •            theme
  • * Party favors for the guests
  • * At least one parent is expected to attend
  • * 1 “Commander” and 1 additional team member will lead the mission and oversee the activities
  • * Exclusive use of our facility for 3 hours during your party

Email our registrar to schedule a party or call 719.598.9755 x1001.


The Challenger Learning Center also welcomes community groups and scout organizations to come "fly" private missions.  We have various Scout Programs to help your scouts meet the qualification requirements for their coveted badges, pins or belt loops!

Contact us at or call 719-598-9755 for more details.

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