“Best School Field Trip”, “Best Out-of-this-World Adventure” - Colorado Springs Gazette

Are you looking for new adventures? Do you want to be an astronaut? The Challenger Learning Center of Colorado is where the adventure begins! 

Challenger Explorer Post 1986

The Aerospace Explorer Post is open to young men and women ages 14 to 20 with an interest in careers in aerospace.  They meet at here on select Thursday evenings at 7pm.  See Events for next meeting or contact Catherine Dunn, Advisor.


Elementary Programs: Hands-On Learning

Gemini Adventure (Kindergarten): discoveries about day and night, the Sun, the

                                 Moon and its phases.
Voyager I (Grade 1): exploring planets and calculations that expand understanding

                  of the Solar System.
Voyager II (Grade 2): “right stuff” astronaut exercises, the propulsion of flight and

                  math wizardry.
Voyager III (Grade 3): states of matter, carbon dioxide testing, 3-D constellation

                   models, pixels, distant objects.

Moon, Mars and Beyond (Grades 3–5, e-mission): A research vessel exploring the outer regions of our solar system may be lost. A rescue ship is being launched from the Lunar Base. Students in Mars Control must determine the amount of cargo required, locate the missing astronauts, and safely return all crews to Mars.

Return to the Moon (Grade 4 and up, on-site): The year is 2025. For the first time since the final Apollo mission in 1972, humanity returns to the Moon. The crew has come to establish a permanent lunar base that will be used for making cosmic observations, studying the feasibility of developing a self-sustaining off-planet settlement, and creating a stepping stone for human planetary exploration.

Middle School Missions: Earth and Space Science

Rendezvous with a Comet
(Grade 6 and up, on-site): Scientists and engineers take on a daring exploration of comets, plotting a rendezvous course, launching a probe, collecting scientific data and surviving surprises and emergencies.

Operation Montserrat (Grade 6 and up, e-mission): Earth science experts use computers, the Internet and satellite imaging to determine how a simultaneous hurricane and volcanic eruption will impact the environment and the safety of the inhabitants of a small Caribbean island.

Voyage to Mars (Grade 8 and up, on-site): It’s 2076. The latest human crew arrives on a transport vehicle from Earth and enters Martian orbit. The new crew is specially trained to continue explorations of Mars’ two moons while overcoming emergencies and environmental variables.

High School Missions: To Planets and to the Rescue!

Voyage to Mars (Grade 8 and up, on-site): In 2076 the latest human crew enters Martian orbit, arriving on a transport vehicle from Earth. The new crew is specially trained to continue explorations of Mars’ two moons while overcoming emergencies and environmental variables.

Space Station Alpha (Grade 9 and up, e-mission): Applying the physics, biology and chemistry of solar radiation, students protect the International Space Station from the dangers of a major solar flare eruption. Two elective physics credits are available through University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS).

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